Facebook Pixel and Feed Setup

To run optimal Facebook ads, you need to install pixel codes on your website. As a result, you can analyse the impact of your campaigns and most importantly, optimise it! Moreover, you can create automatic custom audiences and lookalikes.
In addition to pixel codes, you can use a product catalog (product feed) to advertise your product dynamically and automatically.
We help you with the implementation of both...

Pixel Auditing

less than 1 day work

We are auditing your website “funnel”. Firstly, we look at missing or incorrect pixel code implementation. For instance, we look at the parameters sent to Facebook. Secondly, we recommend additional pixel code setup to meet your goal.

Pixel Implementation

Between 1-5 days work

We define your website “funnel” and identify relevant events to track. As a result, we script the pixel codes. After that, we work with your technical team to implement those codes in Business Manager and on your website.
We have experience with the following tag manager software: Google Tag Manager, Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager, Segment and Website platform like Magento, Wordpress.

Product Catalog Setup & Audit

Between 2-10 days work

We prepare a compliant product feed (e-com, travel, auto, betting) to work with Facebook dynamic ads. After that, we create a catalog to connect your product feed.
Meanwhile, we setup/adjust the pixel codes on your website to work with your catalog.
Finally, we audit the level of matches between your pixel codes and the catalog and we launch dynamic ad with you.
Further, we recommend product feed management software. For instance, Channable, etc..