GeTting Started

This is a partnership journey

The work is project-based and vary in time between 1 to 10 days.

  1. Contact us for a free consultation.

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    Contact us to discuss your business objectives and how we can help technically.
    We go together to fill in a short survey during an exploration call.

  2. We build a Statement of Work.

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    Based on the exploration call, we create a "Statement of Work" which will guide our project together.

  3. Project Kick-Off.

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    We give you the tool and expertise to succeed. We work as an extension to your team. You will receive (1) explanatory pre-documents, (2) several workshops (by video conference sharing screen) and (3) a detailed handover document.

  4. Completion & Feedback.

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    The project ends with the successful completion of all Statement of Work tasks.
    It is also time to provide feedback to us ;-)

Contact us for a free consultation...

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