Business Benefits

Why is it important to have the right technical setup?

Properly installed Facebook tracking and ad tools can help you make clever marketing decisions.
With a poor setup, you could be missing opportunities to:
(1) increase campaign performance,
(2) optimise spend and
(3) analyse user events to take actions.


higher ads value per spend for ads connected to high-quality pixel1

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higher conversion rate by optimising for conversions instead of clicks using pixel2

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lower cost per conversion when optimising for conversions instead of clicks3

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A good setup allows you to:

Sell More Products

- Use dynamic ads.
- Create bigger website custom audiences leading to higher lookalike quality audiences.

Optimise your Ad Spend

- Use conversion & value optimisation.
- More signal input for the Facebook optimisation engine.

Measure Real Business Impact

- Seeing better results lead to efficient cost decisions and the right budget allocation.
- Offline & online conversion measurements.
- Better insights with Facebook extensive demographic data.

Source 1: A 2020 Facebook Analysis of Facebook’s most active Pixel (more than 10k daily events, which represents 4% of pixels covering 57% of all pixel linked revenue). Low-quality score is defined as passing less than 80% of the dynamic product ads scorecard recommendations. High quality is defined as 100%.

Source 2: A 2017 Facebook study in partnership with seven advertisers across different regions and verticals. Results from two-week tests with three EMEA, three NA, and one APAC-based advertiser. Verticals included health and fitness, media, travel, eCommerce and retail,

Source 3: A 2016 Facebook study across 130K ad accounts results reflect: (1) All ad sets with 5+ daily conversions that were switched from conversion optimization to click optimization during a 1-month period in Q1 2016; only ad sets with non-zero conversions before and after the switch were considered. (2) 2.4x CPA increase reflects the CPA difference observed at the 50 percentile of all ad sets considered. (3) CPA measured on 1-day post-click basis.